Baking in the Sun
Jamaican-Style Key Lime Bananas And now for a Caribbean interlude. This post is inspired by my recent cruise to The Bahama Islands and Key West, Florida. Food, of course, was a June 29, 2014
Jamaican-Style Key Lime Bananas June 29, 2014 And now for a Caribbean interlude. This post is inspired by my recent cruise to The Bahama Islands and Key West, Florida. Food, of course, was a Sweet Cherry Surprise Cookies April 10, 2014 It’s been too long since my last post — my teaching job demands most of my time (5 months until summer vacay!), but somehow I found the time to make Indian Rocks Beach Pie March 24, 2014 Orange-pineapple version of the famous “Atlantic Beach Pie” A while back I heard of a life-altering lemon pie by Bill Smith of Crook’s Corner. His Lime in the Coconut Cupcakes December 8, 2013 A few weeks ago, we adopted an adorable Ragdoll kitten, Penelope. In her honor, I baked some lovely coconut cupcakes with lime curd filling — sweet Old-Fashioned Apple Crisp October 28, 2013 As far as I’m considered, it’s not Autumn until someone bakes Apple Crisp. Photo Courtesy of my Aunt, Sally Byron. Growing up, my mom would take us Vanilla Bean Angel Pillows October 7, 2013 Simple, yet far from ordinary, these cookies will delight anytime from summer to winter with their basic butter cookie vibe plus a vanilla bean Chewy Pineapple Squares July 8, 2013 Simple to make and oh-so-delicious — chewy pineapple squares are the perfect summer dessert. My baker-bud, Carolyn, gave me this recipe. Her mother Blueberry Platz June 19, 2013 Muffins move over. I give you: Blueberry Platz. Every June, in the wooded area behind my childhood home in Pennsylvania, wild blueberry bushes Amazing Apricot Bars June 6, 2013 Amazingly delicious and absurdly simple, these bars are the perfect summer treat. Apricot bars really stand out from the usual fruit desserts with Healthy Bell Pepper “Omelette” Sandwiches April 12, 2013 It’s already back to school for teachers in Florida, so that means less time to bake in the sun. I love a quick “make ahead” meal for times like Cherry Dabble Cake August 2, 2012 This three ingredient dessert is so easy and quick to throw together. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top and you’ll want to eat the Hot Buttered Pretzels July 31, 2012 Soft, chewy, buttery, delicious pretzels: these are the real deal. They are incredibly easy to make, require very few ingredients, and are Tropical Ambrosia Salad July 25, 2012 During my childhood, ambrosia salad was one of those dishes that popped up on a special occasion in the summertime. This colorful, sweet salad was Peanut Butter Tandy Cakes July 12, 2012 Cake, peanut butter, and chocolate are oh-so-good together and just happen to be the major players in these yummy little cakes. “TastyKake” a Summer Spiked Punch July 8, 2012 With so many things to celebrate these days, drinks are in order. This cocktail is more like a dessert and drink in one and it’s perfect on a hot