Summer Spiked Punch

With so many things to celebrate these days, drinks are in order. This cocktail is more like a dessert and drink in one and it’s perfect on a hot summer day. I used to request this punch for birthday parties growing up — the non-alcoholic version of course. Either way, Summer Spiked Punch is a crowd pleaser and it’s so simple to whip up.


  • Hawaiian Punch — Fruit Juicy Red
  • 7-up
  • Frozen sliced strawberries
  • Rainbow sherbert
  • Rum(optional)


  1. Mix equal parts Hawaiian Punch and 7-Up. Add frozen strawberries and top with sherbert.
  2. You could serve it as is, but it’s time like these, that I ask myself: What would Jack Sparrow do?” (Add Rum)
  3. Pour into glasses and bottoms up!

Note: I used diet 7-Up to cut down on the sugar and no one noticed. There is also a light version of the Hawaiian Punch!

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